Tartu 2024 is looking for volunteers!

Come do something one-of-a-kind with us. Next year, several events in Southern Estonia and Tartu require your assistance.

Applications are accepted until 30 September 2023.

Apply here!

Who are we looking for?

Everyone over the age of 16 is welcome to apply whether it is your first experience as a volunteer or you already have a lot of skills. We are looking for volunteers who are not just superheroes, but also cheerful, willing to work, communicative, self-thinking, environmentally friendly and good salespeople. If you recognise at least one quality in yourself, we invite you to apply.

Volunteers can help with a variety of tasks. Among these are information sharing, guiding foreign guests, setting up equipment, managing stages, selling Tartu 2024 products, ensuring environmental friendliness, creating social media content, and recording events. Candidates can express their preferences and desires.

What does Tartu 2024 offer to volunteers?

Volunteering provides a lot of joy as well as educational work experience. Tartu 2024 volunteers can join a close-knit team and expand their network of great artists, organisers, visionaries, and community representatives. In addition, all volunteers receive Tartu 2024 brand products, position-specific training, and meals based on their work shift.

Additional information: Kaimo Kukk, Volunteer Leader,

European Solidarity Corps

Join Our Team: ESC International Relations Volunteer

To apply: Send your motivation letter and a CV to marthaliise.kapsta@tartu2024.ee before 30.04.2023

Erasmus+ projekt Volugram: Developing volunteering as a part of individual learning path

Three European Capitals of Culture – Tartu, Bad Ischl-Salzkammergut (AU) and Bodø (NO) – have combined efforts to further develop volunteering for their upcoming title years. The cities all take part in the Erasmus+ project Volugram: Developing volunteering as a part of individual learning path, which brings together ECoCs, learning communities, and education systems. The project will be carried out from 01.09.2022 to 31.12.2024. Read more here.

Questions about the Volugram project:  Martha Liise Kapsta, rahvusvahelised vabatahtlike kaasamise projektid, marthaliise.kapsta@tartu2024.ee.