Postmarket of Arts is a street festival that binds together people, culture and living in cities by creating a future vision of what is to come where the human needs have shifted from consuming to creating and preserving. What does the world look like after being shaped by markets, products and (over)consumption? Where do we wish to lead it next?

The festival asks and suggests solutions to how, as a society, we can co-create and develop sustainable living environments in cities. Thus, during the whole August in 2024, the Kastali-Vaksali street area around the Widget Factory (Aparaaditehas) will become a miniature post-consumption world model. The festival grounds will become a future-seeking culture- and innovation hub, where to try out alternative ways for living and participating in culture.
This project participates in the first Tartu 2024 culture and education programme development process, as a part of "Tartu with Humanity" programme line. Projects that successfully complete the process will advance to the official European Capital of Culture programme.

The festival guests can*
  • enjoy the rich culture program specially created for Postmarket of Arts and explore secret places with thematic concerts, installations and performances;
  • shop at reuse- and repurpose markets;
  • eat at pop-up dumpster dining restaurants;
  • peek in and try out how it would be to live in sustainable tiny houses and
  • see, touch and engage with other solutions for the future world, which make our life in the cities easier, better and more sustainable.
Being part of the Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture program, Postmarket of Arts aims to create an experiential cultural event for exploring possible future of living in the cities, enjoying culture and making small but influential choices for sustaining our living environment. The program is co-created specially for Postmarket of Arts by partners from different cities, countries and fields and aims to nudge participants towards positive change in their minds and everyday choices.

* the final program depends on the partners and ideas involved.

Collaboration ideas and contact:

Led by: Erki Pruul, Karin Bachmann, Karmen Otu, Jaanika Siiroja, Hanna-Marii Kaljas
Read the initial project description from the Bid Book (p 22)