Project Performa Borealis: Tartu International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts focuses on Baltic and Nordic theatrical productions, in addition to Russian theatre and guest performances by exciting European theatre practitioners.
This project participates in the first Tartu 2024 culture and education programme development process, as a part of "Tartu with Europe" programme line. Projects that successfully complete the process will advance to the official European Capital of Culture programme.

The festival's planned programme will encompass the entire contemporary performing arts range (performance art, physical theatre, modern circus, kinetic and object theatre, contemporary dance and social/political/documentary theatre). Although the programme selection process is based on creative liberty and artistic diversity, the festival wants to raise environmental awareness and the promote ecologically friendly performing arts. 

The goal of the festival is to introduce contemporary performing arts to the local and international audience, ask socially acute questions through the medium of theatre and activate international networking, theatre export and import, or in other words, do everything that is currently missing in Estonian and Tartu's theatre sphere.
Led by: Kristiina Reidolv ( ja Inga Koppel (
Read the initial project description from the Bid Book (p 35)