V4 Digital Art Melting Pot – residency programme & performance at festivals of light in Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland

Festivals of light Blik Blik (Pilsen, CZ), Biela noc (Bratislava, SK), Zsolnay Light Festival (Pécs, HU) and Bella Skyway Festival (Toruń, PL) invite artists, designers, light artists and lightning professionals to submit their applications for the artistic residency programme and performance at the festival of light.
Festival organisers of each of above-mentioned festivals offer to the light artists an artistic residency for 7-20 days and a slot for the presentation of the output of the residency at the local festival of light.

General conditions

  • The residency lasts 7-20 days.
  • The residency date ends with the performance (presentation of the output) at the light festival.
  • The fee for the residency & performance is 800 EUR. The artist’s traveling costs will be refunded up to 200 EUR. The material costs for the art piece will be covered up to 800 EUR.
  • The resident will be supported by local mentor (if wanted) – “matching partner”. The resident will be supported also technically (rentals, equipment etc.).
  • The accommodation and board for 7-20 days will be provided.
  • The capacity is one artist at each place. The successful resident will be picked up by the hosting festival.
  • Proposals on these kinds of artworks will be assessed: illuminating object, video projection or any other light source that illuminates an existing building or space, o interactive installations engaging the audience, o illuminating statues, gadgets or similar artworks.
  • Proposals on these kinds of artworks will not be assessed:  large scale videomapping.
Deadline for applications: March 31st 2022 

Application form: https://forms.gle/3W4FjyuatGhQtSrk7

Application obligatory attachments:  About the artist (CV, portfolio, references).Description of the artistic intention: What is your intent? What is the idea of your art piece? What technology do you plan to use?

For more information, contact: Jindřich Jindřich, manager of the project V4 Digital Art Melting Pot, jindrichj@depo2015.cz, +420 727 871 599

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