OPEN CALL for film music composers at Kullaaugu Music Residency

Kullaaugu Music Residency will aim for creating a finalised piece of music for a short film, an animation or a commercial, in cooperation with the representatives of chosen audiovisual projects. In order for both sides to be satisfied with the end results, they will need to communicate in the span of the residency. If needed, both sides can stay at Kullaaugu at the same time. Alternatively, it is possible for residents to opt in to make music specific to a landmark or environmental surroundings.
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Open Call: European Cabins of Culture

Bodø and Sparebank1 Nord-Norge Samfunnsløftet announce funds for the project European Cabins of Culture, which is part of the programme for Bodø2024. Bodø2024 seeks to fill tourist cabins and other hiking destinations with artistic and cultural content.
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