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Tartu 2024 co-finances international projects in the amount of one million euros

The Tartu 2024 Foundation invites cultural managers to propose international events for the European Capital of Culture programme. At the beginning of 2022, a call for proposals for international projects will open. The implementation of cultural projects in Tartu will be supported in the amount of up to 1 000 000 euros. The volume of co-financing by the Tartu 2024 Foundation is up to 70% of the total project cost.

Photo: Mana Kaasik

According to Kati Ilves, artistic director of Tartu 2024, the goal of Tartu and Southern Estonia as the European Capital of Culture is to offer special and innovative experiences to audiences from both Estonia and abroad. In order to create a comprehensive programme, the Tartu 2024 Foundation also supports international large and medium-sized events planned to take place in 2024 in Tartu.

"Projects focused on events aimed at the audience are welcome to participate in the call for proposals. The call for proposals does not finance infrastructure development costs, fixed costs of institutions and the publication of periodical media," Ilves adds.

The experiences and activities included in the forthcoming programme of the European Capital of Culture represent the values of the Tartu 2024 artistic concept Arts of Survival. The Arts of Survival are: environmentally sustainable urban and rural culture, physical and mental health, highlighting regional characteristics, education and smart solutions, transgenerational co-creation, critical awareness, and cross-sectoral cooperation.

The call for proposals for international projects in Tartu is open from 1 January to 3 April 2022.

Read about the conditions here.

See the recording of the live broadcast of the call for proposals information day here.

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