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PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for applications has been extended to 15 January 2020.

If you’re interested in cultural management, communities of different backgrounds and meaningfully engaging them, and you’ve thought about how culture and the arts can deal with issues of the environment, mental health and other vital topics relevant to Europe, then you are invited to join the Tartu 2024 team as a volunteer for the period of January-December 2020. We are expecting applications from people of 18-30 years old.

The artistic concept of Tartu 2024 is „Arts of Survival”. Our programme is built on more environmentally conscious city and rural culture, education and inventiveness, mental health and connection between generations, local character and countercultural awareness – themes which are significant across Estonia as well as Europe.

We wish that as many locals as possible – including minorities, foreign students, the disabled and those with fewer opportunities – could actively participate in our programme and its various activities.

We are inviting a volunteer who wants to contribute to engaging a local minority or other group that doesn’t participate actively in the city’s cultural life, and work on creating new possibilities for them to be more involved.


The volunteer will choose a minority or social group whose uniqueness and cultural and social needs are of interest to him/her. Members of that community and other volunteers should then be engaged in our activities, including those of our artistic programme. With the knowledge gathered about the group, the volunteer will prepare a cultural event and promote and execute it together with members of the community, with the Tartu 2024 team in a mentoring and supporting role.

This volunteering opportunity is part of the European Solidarity Corps project “European Solidarity for Partnerships”. 

The major aim of project ESP is to host several volunteers in partner organizations to facilitate cooperation between them. Project ESP in managed by TYPA Centre and also includes the Tartu Art School and Tartu Nature House. During the course of the project, the volunteer at the Tartu 2024 team will both assist other volunteers as well as be able to rely on their help.


January - February 2020

Compiling an overview of best practices to engage minorities that have been used in other big cultural projects, international events, festivals, etc. Together with partnering organizations, mapping the communication channels and habits of Tartu’s minorities and different communities.

February - April 2020

Selecting a minority/group, meeting their members and getting to know them. Mapping their interests and using pre-mapped channels to engage them. Familiarizing them with the concept, importance and plans of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024.

May - August 2020

Working with the community together with our artistic programme team. Creating activity among the community and engaging them as organizers, participants, volunteers and audience members at a small-scale event, e.g. a pilot event for our artistic programme. The event also has to be attractive for the general public and other defined target groups.

September - December 2020

Reflecting on the work and experiences; proposing further actions. Creating an honest overview of successes and failures, learning points and suggestions to the Tartu 2024 team, also in order for us to enhance our volunteer programme. Keeping in touch with the social group and encouraging them to continue participating in culture as organizers, volunteers or members of the audience, possibly in the Tartu 2024 team.


As a volunteer of Tartu 2024, the person will learn both by doing and researching. The team will provide any necessary help and instruction but the volunteer will be responsible for the work. 

Cultural management experiences

This is an opportunity to experience the process of planning cultural events, creating project plans, compiling communication and marketing strategies/tactics and executing all of the above. It is also a possibility to create cultural actions/events with the community that are meaningful to the selected group and the public and thus create positive changes in society. 

Experiences of simultaneously and effectively engaging various target groups

The proposed tasks require communication and coordination between many groups and teams while also empowering them. Cooperation between the selected community, the Tartu 2024 team, departments of Tartu City Government and other organizations is essential. 

Opportunity to work with a major international project

The European Capital of Culture is one of the EU’s largest and most meaningful cultural projects that presents opportunities for working with and learning from international experts. It is a chance to develop one’s network in any desired field connected to the project. Experiences gathered while working in a European Capital of Culture team are unique and held in high esteem. 

NB! The volunteer's travel, housing and living expenses will be paid for, in addition to any project related expenses. A monthly allowance of about 300€ will be paid to the volunteer.


Please send your CV and cover letter to Ms Triin Pikk, by 15.01.2020. In your cover letter please explain your motivation for applying for the volunteer position at Tartu 2024.

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