Come Ice Rave with Us: Introducing the First Part of the Tartu 2024 Programme

Tartu 2024 will celebrate the birth of the European Capital of Culture programme with an Ice Rave on February 16 at 7 pm at the Tartu Town Hall Square Skating Rink. The first events in the official programme will be presented to the tune of exciting performances by Redel, Oopus and DJ Kersten Kõrge.

“Tartu is the European Capital of Culture of 2024 together with Southern Estonia. We invite audiences from Estonia and abroad to take part in our events,“ confirms Tartu 2024 Artistic Director Kati Ilves. "At the Ice Rave, we will introduce the first projects included in the official programme, which will offer special experiences in the coming years and will change the world through the arts." Only two years are left until the title year. According to the Artistic Director, the official programme will be supplemented this year and the next with many other events specific to Tartu and Southern Estonia.

Indrek Vaheoja, member of the band Redel: "Redel will come to wintry Tartu with a wonderful dance troupe to celebrate the announcement of the first events of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024. Redel will help you reach places you would not otherwise."

After Redel, the Estonian audiovisual folktronica ensemble OOPUS will take the stage. Kersten Kõrge will end the evening with a DJ set.

A pop-up exhibition will be opened at the Town Hall Square during the festivities, where visitors can learn more about the European Capital of Culture programme.

The programme will be introduced using the renewed visual identity of Tartu 2024, which was completed in cooperation with the Tartu creative agency NOPE Creative.

People with no symptoms are welcome at the event. If possible, the foundation recommends testing at home before joining the rave, wearing a mask, and keeping a safe distance from other participants.

The event is free.

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