Southern Estonia must offer a pleasant travel experience to every visitor today and during the European Capital of Culture title year. But how welcoming is Southern Estonia, and what can we do even better in the run-up to 2024?

The 12th Kultuurikompass forum "How welcoming is Southern Estonia?" will bring creatives, cultural sector representatives, entrepreneurs and policy makers together on September 20 at Mooste Folgikoda to promote tourism in Southern Estonia together.

The forum is divided into two thematic sections.

I: How to attract a tourist to South Estonia?

People travel to experience culture. At the forum, we will discuss how Southern Estonia can attract visitors through cultural tourism. We share solutions for strengthening cultural tourism that have worked here and abroad. We will talk about the cooperation of cultural networks and entrepreneurs in advancing cultural tourism and hospitality, and how this can be enhanced through cross-sectoral joint action.

II: How welcoming is Southern Estonia?

Cultural organisations and creators have different opportunities to create a memorable visitor experiences, increase satisfaction and the attractiveness of their activities. At the forum, we will analyse hospitality and service culture practices and map out development needs. Everyone must be ready for both foreign and domestic tourists arriving in 2024.

The Kultuurikompass forum is organised according to the Guidelines for Organising Environmentally Friendly Events prepared by Tartu 2024, OÜ Acento and Tartu City Government.

What is Kultuurikompass?

Kultuurikompass is a capacity building programme for culture managers, artists, creative and social entrepreneurs in Tartu and Southern Estonia. We invite everyone to learn from each other because knowledge and experience exchange help entrepreneurial and responsible cultural managers find new and more diverse audiences, and achieve their goals. 

Kultuurikompass programme consists of forums and seminars, and it is developed by the Tartu 2024 Foundation and Tartu City Government in cooperation with partners from around the whole Southern Estonia. The first forum took place in January 2019 and by the end of 2020 there 2 international forums, 6 forums, and 2 side events have taken place.