In the beautiful and inspiring Põlvamaa creative farm, acclaimed European composers will be creating original film music.

The Story

Kullaaugu farm in the village of Ahja in Põlva county is the childhood home of the Estonian musician brothers Aigar and Argo Vals.

In 2024, the brothers will invite musicians from Europe and around the world to their home. In collaboration with film-, animation- and video artists, and inspired by the new environment, original sound design will be born for the visuals. At concerts, the symbiosis of film and sound will reach a wider audience.

The Experience

The creative residency takes top-class musicians out of their usual environment and puts them in the middle of nature in Põlva county. We hope that what they experience in a small village in Southern Estonia will add a fascinating touch to the artist's handwriting and stimulate a dialogue with the filmmaker and the surroundings! Both students and professional filmmakers are welcome to provide input.  
Music gourmands will be able to enjoy the fruits of the residents' creative work at the Genialists' Club in Tartu and in other cultural institutions in South Estonia. At the concerts, the authors will be performing live against the backdrop of the visuals, the interplay of image and sound making the result even more powerful. The musicians will also introduce their methods and tools to schools in South Estonia, therewith inspiring a new generation of music and film lovers.

The Impact

Kullaaugu is gaining fame in Estonia and the world as a music farm, and is placing Ahja and Põlva municipality to people's consciousness as a unique cultural centre. Infecting the workshop participants with a passion for music or film cannot be underestimated either - Perhaps it is Põlva that new cultural talents will be emerging from?

Advocates: Aigar Vals, Villem Varik

Contact: Aigar Vals,

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