When Estonia's choir singing tradition meets the world's musical expertise, the result is ten outstanding concerts that will delight audiences in Kambja municipality and all over Estonia!

The Story

The cradle of Estonian choir singing, Kambja, is launching the Kambja Choir Academy to inspire local choir singers and educate them on organising cultural events. As a grand finale, the academics will give ten concerts.

The Experience

Did you know that Estonia's first choir was established in Kambja? Therefore, it is only fitting that in 2024 the Kambja Choir Academy will gather there, where Estonian choirs will reflect on the deeper meaning of choir music and, under the guidance of world-class conductors, directors and producers, learn how to organise their own big events.

The fruits of the academics' work can be enjoyed from the 16th to the 18th of August, when ten different concerts take place by ten choirs. The concerts will take place in Kambja, Külitse, Ülenurme, Tõrvandi and Pangodi. Each concert will have the character of its organisers and singers, and the choirs themselves will decide on the repertoire. The musical experiences are not limited to the Kambja municipality - each choir participating in the academy will also give a concert for their local audience afterwards.

In cooperation with the Maarja Village and Kodijärve Home, a unique concert-performance will take place, organised and performed by people with disabilities.

In addition, there will be a training session for the conductors of the children's and school choirs participating in the Tartu Song Festival in 2024.

The Impact

The Kambja Choir Academy wishes to support the survival of the choir movement and the succession of choir producers in Estonia. Under the guidance of internationally acclaimed conductors, directors and producers, participants will gain valuable experience in organising events and a lot of inspiration to create fresh repertoire. We also involve people with disabilities as mentors to give them the courage to organise cultural events themselves.

Advocates: Küllike Joosing, Priit Strandberg, Astrid Hallik, Markko Karu, Saidi Tammeorg, Maarja Ülper, Kristi Kull, Eve Jaanus, Heigo Mägi, Marko Ojakivi

Partners: Tiigi Seltsimaja/Tartu Song Festival, Laulupesa OÜ, Foundation Maarja Küla, Foundation Kodijärve Kodu, Karmina Šilec

Contact: maarja.ylper@gmail.com

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