We will bring the forgotten skills of previous generations to local and international audiences. In 2023 and 2024, various workshops on archaic skills will take place in Tartu and South Estonia. The highlight of the programme will be an exciting thematic festival. 


It is quite literally about passing on the skills needed to survive. In our lives, we have marginalised the skills and knowledge that can help us cope in a world where electricity does not exist anymore and even a slight disregard towards nature can have a profound impact on our quality of life. 

The skills we are sharing, however, will not just be practical survival tips. The focus will also be on craftsmanship, creating aesthetic value: carpentry, architecture, blacksmithing, handicraft, etc. 

Life is meaningful when you can create something with your own hands. Activities like gardening, carpentry, metalworking and handicrafts also have a soothing effect on the soul and boost your mental health.


Our workshops are divided into three parts. You'll have the chance to brush up on your domestic skills, arts and crafts. You'll also get new practical tips on construction and repair. We'll also focus on food and gardening, so you'll be able to cook, actually knowing the ingredients you're putting into the meals. You'll get to visit private gardens, nature, museums, workshops. You'll gain new skills and knowledge in Tartu and elsewhere in South Estonia. 

Some of the workshops will be multilingual, allowing guests from Europe and beyond to take part. All to ensure that as many people as possible could improve their skills in historical working methods and art techniques. 


We will be sharing skills and wisdom that make an ecological and resilient lifestyle possible. How do you feel about knitting or wicker weaving? Maybe you'd be a great carpenter or a blacksmith? 

Survival is only possible through collaboration across different generations and knowledge sharing among communities.

Stick your fingers in the dirt, pick up the shovel, and let's get those chips flying!

Advocates: Ants Siim, Kärt Kunnus and Anna Venchakova (Tartu City Museum)